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Green Milano Rug


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Hand-Tufted Arabesque Emerald Rug


Green Rugs Inspiration

What do you think of when you see the colour green? Some imagine lush meadows, crisp green apples, aromatic sprigs of sage, or summery mint.

Green is such a versatile colour that fits so well in all kinds of spaces. That's why we love our range of green area rugs! Every single rug is unique and tells its own story.

Green rugs can add life to any room they are placed in. After all, green symbolises nature and health. So if you're looking to add some tranquillity to your home, why not browse our choice of green floor rugs?

Creativity and enthusiasm can also be kick-started by green! It can even help improve reading ability. You might consider laying one of our green area rugs in the playroom or to finish off your home office. Our blog post on transforming your home office into an inspiring space can also help you out here.

If you're feeling inspired by nature or just wish to infuse your home with peacefulness, discover our beautiful green rugs today.