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Multi-Coloured Rugs

Pixelated Washable Mat

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Extra Small Rugs

Villa Floral Rug


Bedroom Rugs

Autumn Leaf Noble Rug

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Multi Coloured Rugs Inspiration

If colourful area rugs are exactly what your home is missing, choose from our selection of multi coloured floor rugs. Whether you're after muted, intricate designs or bold and blocky prints, we have something for you. A multi coloured rug beautifully offsets a white or neutral space, as well as complementing more eclectic home decor. If you're not sure if you want a plain or patterned rug, our blog post on patterned vs plain rugs can help.

Colourful stripes are a popular choice as they have the potential to open up a room, creating an optical illusion of spaciousness, depending on the direction of the lines. We have several striped designs, from loud and jazzy to elegant and neutral to suit your space.

Abstract rugs are another stylish choice of colourful area rugs, mixing strokes of colour with a plainer background. These designs are showstoppers that add a striking pop of art to plain floors or large spaces. Our blog post on introducing bold colours to rooms can inspire you!

If you feel a space is incomplete, it may just be missing a colourful area rug to tie the décor together. Because each of our rugs is handpicked and our stock is regularly refreshed, you can find a unique, unforgettable statement piece that will attract many compliments!

Let us help you create a space that you're proud to show off with our multi coloured floor rugs.

If you'd prefer something minimalist, feel free to browse our plain