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Rugs are an excellent way to add texture and functionality to your home décor, and traditional Persian rugs are an excellent option for injecting warmth into your home. Persian rugs seamlessly complement tribal and antique décor while also juxtaposing modern rooms beautifully. Few rugs have mastered the combination of intricate and hardwearing like a traditional oriental rug. There is a common misconception that traditional Persian rugs are overly ornate and difficult to work with, but we're here to show you that even the most minimal homes would benefit from this style. Rug Traders have a selection of quality luxury Persian rugs for sale, featuring stunning designs and a plethora of colours and patterns.

Why Choose a Traditional Persian Rug?

There are many things you may not know about Persian rugs, including their environmentally-friendly materials and their low maintenance. Aside from the amazing history from which Persian rugs originate, they are special because of their distinct features, making them suitable for a hard-working home. These traditional oriental rugs are beautiful and extremely durable – many can last for generations, making them an excellent family heirloom and a worthwhile investment. Many choose to place their traditional Persian rugs in the kitchen due to their hardwearing fabric, suitable to endure heavy foot traffic. Others prefer to place them in the bathroom, offering an easy-to-clean, stylish alternative to bathmats.

What Makes a Persian Rug Special?

Persian rugs are traditionally hand-knotted using natural materials such as wool and silk, resulting in a high-quality rug. Additionally, they are renowned for their rich colours and individual designs, meaning no two rugs are exactly the same. Many view Persian rugs as a work of art! Traditional Persian rugs are steeped in history, making them an excellent focal point that's full of character. Hand-knotting Persian rugs can take years and is completed by expert carpet knotters, a skill that takes a long time to master. You can tell if a rug has been hand-carved by looking at the back of the rug and seeing the slightly uneven knot structure. The precision and love that goes into hand-knotting traditional oriental rugs makes them priceless, so you're guaranteed to purchase a rug that's received the utmost care and admiration. Manufacturing machines could never replace the production of luxury Persian rugs due to the intricacy and nuance the knotting process involves. Learn more about why Persian rugs are so valuable in our extensive blog post.

What to Look out for When Purchasing a Luxury Persian Rug

Searching for the perfect traditional Persian rug can be a long road, and you should consider many things before purchasing. We urge you to overlook slight errors in the weave or design, as this is a result of the hand-knotting technique and only adds to the character and uniqueness of the rug. However, you should pay great attention to the rug's materials. For example, some materials are more suited to underfloor heating, whereas other materials may suit a living room. Additionally, you should strongly consider the colour of the rug you choose. Darker rugs in colours such as blue or grey will be more suitable for kitchens as they will be less likely to show stains. We offer traditional rugs in a wide variety of colours and materials, so we're certain that you will find the most appropriate rug for your space.

How Do You Clean a Persian Rug?

As is the case with any investment item, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Due to their durability, Persian rugs don't require as much care as you might initially expect. Regular vacuuming in the direction of the pile will help keep your rug free from dirt and dander, and vacuuming the back of the rug once a year will help maintain its structure. Additionally, if you're placing your rug in direct sunlight, we strongly urge you to rotate the rug once in a while to prevent spot fading. We have a dedicated blog post that runs you through a step-by-step guide on cleaning Persian rugs, should you require more information.

Traditional Persian rugs are always in fashion due to their timeless and classic style . Our specialist rug traders have travelled to the rug-making capitals of the world to source our authentic selection of luxury Persian rugs at an excellent value for our customers. Explore our favourite tips for decorating with a Persian rug to learn about what makes these rugs so versatile. For any additional help, please contact our team.