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red rugs

Red Rug Collection

Bold, bright and vibrant, a red rug will make an impact on your room. Red is a colour that complements both traditional and modern designs, and there are a wide variety of shades available to suit your tastes. Browse our selection to find red rugs for your home at excellent value for money.


Choosing Your Shade

Red is a gorgeous colour with endless shades to choose from. A rich and deep shade such as burgundy, maroon or crimson can create an intimate feel to your room, working well with a neutral coloured wall. In comparison, bright and vibrant red area rugs can breathe life into a plain or tired space.

If your home features a minimalist design, why not try a patterned red rug? A Persian or tribal style could provide a welcome contrast with an all-white room décor. Browse our selection online today, all available with free UK mainland delivery.