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Striped Rug Collection- striped designs at low prices from Rug Traders

Striped Rug Collection

Be daring with a striped rug. With patterns designed to liven up your kitchen, bedroom, living area, or hallway, our collection will add comfort to your floors and a focal point to your room. We strongly recommend our tribal design rugs, which are currently on-trend and well-suited to both modern and traditional tastes.

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Our Striped Rug Style Guide

Block colour rugs can be excellent in rooms with feature walls or busy décor. However, for simpler room designs, a more eye-catching solution may be required.

Enter the striped rug. Bold and bright colours such as purples, blues and reds work with white, light grey and cream walls. Complement with mismatched cushions for a modern and trendy room design. If you’d like to create a more relaxed feel, earthy rug colours such as browns, dark reds and oranges can work well with a neutral colour scheme. Choosing a striped pattern can add an extra element of interest, without impacting the ambience and muted tones of your space.

Why not consider a hall-runner style striped rug? This can create the illusion that your space is longer than it actually is, and our durable styles are able to withstand regular traffic.