Rug Buying Guide

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Rugs can be the answer to our decorative, comfort, and practicality wishes. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in a room. Protect your existing flooring, or add some warmth and comfort – there is a rug for every space. Having said that, it is important to know what you are looking for to start you on your smooth rug-buying journey.To help you with the process, we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you decide on the best rug for your space.

Types of Rug

If you’re new to the rug game, you might be a little confused by all of the descriptions. There is more to a rug than just the way it looks – there are various manufacturing processes that define a rug and how it looks, feels, and how hard-wearing it is.


Woven rugs are created using a traditional loom-weaving technique. These rugs tend to be quite light and therefore affordable, and clean geometric patterns are their speciality. Woven rugs tend to be a wool/cotton blend, and often incorporate fine details in terms of colour and design. As well as this, the use of thicker strands can help to produce intricate textures that add character to the rug. If you’re looking for a lower-priced rug that can still possess colours and patterns, we recommend searching for a woven rug


Hand-knotted rugs are possibly the ‘king’ of the rug world. The process involves constructing the rug one knot at a time, making the method labour intensive but worthwhile. These rugs are hard-wearing and beautifully textured. The density of these rugs makes them extremely comfortable underfoot, and intricate designs are achieved through dense knotting that can take a long time. You can expect to pay more for a hand-knotted rug, but if it’s quality and durability you’re after, then it is worth every penny.


These rugs are skilfully crafted by tufts of thread being pushed through a backing that has been imprinted with the chosen design. This process still uses wool of a high quality, and the end-product looks much like a hand-knotted rug and is very durable. However, this process requires a lot less time and skill, and these rugs therefore tend to be more affordable.


Before choosing the type, shape, size, or colour of rug that you want – you first need to identify what it is that you want the rug to achieve. This then directs you towards the rug that is suitable for you.


You might be looking for a rug to protect your current flooring. If you need a rug in an area that needs protecting, such as under a dining table, then you might also want a rug that is stain-resistant. Rugs made from Polypropylene Yarn have a built-in resistance to household stains and mean that you don’t have to be too precious with them – rugs are made for living on! Additionally, rugs with a low pile make them ideal for placing under furniture as they still supply a sturdy surface for the furniture to rest on. Again, Polypropylene Yarn is great for achieving this, whilst still maintaining a soft and luxurious feel.

Hallway Runner

In areas that have high footfall traffic, it is essential to choose a rug that is hard-wearing and going to last. Hand-tufted rugs are well known for being hard-wearing, making them perfect for areas such as the hallway. Equally, hand-knotted rugs also possess durable characteristics that are ideal for places that are often walked across.


If you’re looking to add some comfort to a hard floor, Sheepskin or Shaggy rugs are perfect for this. The thick and deep pile makes them luxuriously soft underfoot. Machine-made shaggy rugs provide comfort whilst remaining robust and hard-wearing – no need to compromise resilience for comfort!

Other Factors


You can inject accents of colour into a room with the placement of a rug. Whether it’s vibrancy or something more subtle that you’re looking to achieve, searching by colour will help you to narrow down your options. Think about a colour that is going to compliment the room without being overpowering, although there’s nothing wrong with being a little adventurous!

Size of the Rug

Are you looking to place a rug in a small area of a room, or fill the floor space of that room? Determining this will help you to choose the right size that won’t be too overpowering or defining, if that isn’t what you are looking for. A big rug in a small space can really give the illusion of a smaller room, so getting the size just right is essential.

Style of Room

Understanding the style of your room and the look you are hoping to achieve will really help you to narrow down the right rug for you. Are you looking for a modern rug, or something a little more traditional? You don’t have to be defined by these categories, though – traditional rugs can really add character to a modern room too. There are so many rugs on the market, and we have chosen the best styles and quality to help you on your rug-buying journey. However, we know that the process can be laborious if you aren’t certain what you are looking for. This guide should help you narrow down the properties you’re looking for, and which types of rug possess these characteristics. Contact us today if you need a little help, we’re happy to assist!

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