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Shaggy Rugs


This selection of Shaggy rugs offers a wide range of colours, sizes and more intricate details such as pile heights and thickness. We also cater for all budgets.

Thick and Dense Shaggy Rugs: The density, thickness and softness of a shaggy rug is dependant upon certain factors. The weight of material used and the number of points used on the rug helps determine the thickness and density of the rug. The points is the number of individual fabrics used in a metre squared of the rug. Where more points are available on a rug, more thinner, delicate fibres can be used en masse which helps create a soft texture. Alternatively, where the points available is less, a coarser yarn is used but less fibres, which also helps create a soft but thicker texture using the thicker yarn.

Pile Height The height of shaggy rugs varies according to user preference and the weight of the rug. 5cm, tall pile heights really help showcase the rug as it stands out from the floor it is placed on. These taller shaggy rugs generally use thinner fibres that help create a soft but robust texture. Slightly smaller 3cm shaggy rugs generally are more closely packed together which helps create a bed like texture of soft fabrics. These then create very thick and dense shaggy rugs, and typically have more points per square metre than a 5cm alternative.

Machine made Shaggy rugs Shaggy rugs are now almost exclusively machine made and due to technological advances, these can have a fluffy wool like texture at a much more affordable price than wool rugs. As they are machine made, polypropylene is used which is incredibly strong, resilient and robust which means you can get much more use out of the rug than a wool alternative which will begin to shed as part of its natural process. More and more colours are now available to suit modern styles, including yellow, red and purple shaggy rugs.

All of our rugs are in stock for immediate despatch and we have offered a range of sizes, pile heights and qualities to suit your needs, whatever the design of your home, your preference and your budget.