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shaggy rugs

Shaggy Rugs


Shag Pile Rugs

Decorate your home with one of our Shaggy Rugs, handpicked by our Rug Traders from across the globe. This selection of Shaggy rugs offers a wide range of colours, sizes and thicknesses. We also cater for all budgets.

Thick and Dense Shaggy Rugs

The density, thickness and softness of a shaggy rug is an essential part of the product, offering the comfort which makes them so popular in living rooms and bedrooms. These are dependent upon certain factors, such as the weight of material and the number of points.

The thickness and density can be determined by the number of points, meaning the number of individual fabrics used per square metre. More points means that thinner, more delicate fibres can be used to create softer texture. Alternatively, fewer points can result in a coarser, bulkier yarn being used. This requires less fibres and creates a soft but thicker texture.

Pile Height

The height of shaggy rugs will vary, as different designs cater for individual preferences and the weight of the rug. 5cm pile heights really help showcase the rug as it stands out from the floor it is placed on. These taller shag pile rugs generally use thinner fibres that help create a soft but robust texture. Slightly smaller 3cm shaggy rugs generally are more closely packed together which helps create a bed like texture of soft fabrics. These then create very thick and dense shaggy rugs, and typically have more points per square metre than a 5cm alternative.

Machine made

Due to advancements in technology, shaggy rugs are now almost exclusively machine made. This allows for their fluffy, wool-like texture to be created at a much more affordable price than a traditional wool design. The majority of our shag pile rugs are created with polypropylene due to its incredibly strong, resilient and robust properties. Polypropylene is almost much more durable, your rug should still be in great condition long after its wool counterpart begins to shed. More and more colours are now available to suit modern styles, including yellow, red and purple shaggy rugs.

All of our rugs are in stock for immediate dispatch and we have offered a range of sizes, pile heights and qualities to suit your needs, whatever the design of your home, your preference and your budget.