The Best Rug Material for Allergy Sufferers Revealed

In the UK, we are all painfully aware that it’s allergy season. The noses are sniffling, the eyes are watering, and the sneezes are regular. It’s a given at this time of year when we’re out and about, but the last thing you want to do is come home and for the sniffles to continue. Some carpets and rugs can be troublesome for allergy sufferers, which is why we’ve identified the best rug material for allergies.

Why do rugs and carpets trigger allergies?

Those comfy, cosy surfaces that you love walking on can actually be a nest of dust, pollen, and other substances that provoke allergies. And although it is argued by some that it’s beneficial for these substances to be in the rug rather than in the air, walking or sitting on a rug can disturb these substances and cause them to move around and flair up your allergies.

Best rugs for allergies

Short Pile 

Rugs with a short pile are best as they have less area and substance for the dusk and pollen to settle into. Shaggy rugs are wonderfully comfortable and look super chic, but you might find these to trigger your allergies more than a rug with a shorter pile.


Wool rugs have been associated with allergies as dust and pollen can flourish in them. On the other end of the spectrum, polypropylene rugs are among the best rugs for allergy sufferers as they can actually repel allergy-provoking substances. Basically, wool provides a great home for allergens, whereas man-made fibres do not.

Other ways to control allergy symptoms caused by rugs

Even though non-wool and short pile rugs are among the best rugs for allergy sufferers, there are still ways of coping with your dream rug if they aren’t as allergy-friendly. Frequent but gentle cleaning of your rug is a great way of eliminating those nasty allergens. Refer to our guide on how to clean a shaggy rug, and our general rug cleaning guide. Make sure you take a look at these guides as the regular hoovering that you do on hard floors can damage your lovely rugs.

Our Rug Recommendations

Vintage Persian Patchwork Rug 

We have a wide range of incredibly chic and stylish rugs made from polypropylene yarn. This beautiful Persian patchwork rug has all of the features of an original and traditional Persian rug made, but has been modernised with contemporary colours and a contemporary material. Don’t miss out on a design you love!

Moroccan Hardwearing Tribal Rug 

Fancy something a little more tribal? Tribal-inspired rugs are extremely on trend and this rug is certainly no different. Allergy sufferers can enjoy this rug as, again, it is made from a contemporary polypropylene yarn with a short allergy-friendly pile. This rug has all of the Moroccan vibes and is brilliant for injecting style and character into your home.

Blayden Distressed Persian Rug 

Looking for the fashionably distressed look that has been gracing desirable homes and magazine covers? Our Blayden rug has a wonderful faded effect and comes in three beautiful colour options. The short pile is ideal for those suffering from allergies and is easier to clean than a shaggy rug. Overall, rugs certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all for allergy sufferers. A well-cleaned rug should keep those sneezes at bay, but a polypropylene rug that has a short pile can be even better for those wanting to play it safe. Follow our Instagram for some rug-spiration! And keep up-to-date with our blog for more rug-related advice.

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