The Best Way to Clean a Shaggy Rug

Soft, fluffy and stylish, its no wonder that our shaggy rugs are so popular. However, this design can also make them difficult to clean. The pile of a shaggy rug is longer than most other rug types, and their fibres are cut longer for their desired “fluffy effect”. This can make it much easier for dust and dirt to get trapped.

In order to help you keep your fluffy home addition looking its best, we have put together some of our favourite sheepskin and shaggy rug cleaning tips.


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How to Clean a Shaggy Rug

Maintaining Your Rug

Regular rug maintenance can help to reduce the number of deep cleans that your rug will need, and it can also be a relatively quick process to complete. We would normally recommend that you perform your rug maintenance weekly, however this can vary depending on the amount of traffic that your rug must contend with.

  1. Remove Excess Dirt

Removing any loose dirt is an important part of the care process, and involves beating your rug to dislodge any dirt particles which are caught in its fibres. We would recommend that you do this outside, with your shaggy or sheepskin rug draped over a banister or railing.

  1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a quick and simple way to clean your rug. We would always recommend that you use an upholstery extension instead of your main machine, as otherwise the long fibres of your shaggy rug can get caught or pulled, damaging them and the rug’s overall appearance. The underside of the rug may also require cleaning, and we would recommend that you do this every few weeks.

  1. Dry Shampoo (optional)

Rugs and carpets can be cleaned with a special dry shampoo.  This is a common method for quickly cleaning your rug, without needing to worry about drying it or damaging any fibres. Simply apply a small amount of the shampoo and leave it to dry, before carefully vacuuming up the remaining crystals.


The Deep Clean

Occasionally, you may feel that your rug needs a more thorough clean. To prolong the lifespan of your shaggy rug, we would recommend that you use one of two methods:

Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning a shaggy rug can either be done by a professional, or you can purchase or hire a machine yourself. It is a relatively quick and simple process and offers excellent results.

However, you shouldn’t expect steam cleaning to extract dirt- this should be done beforehand using the methods above. Instead, it will rejuvenate and freshen it by killing any lurking allergens and dust mites. Your rug will be damp after cleaning, so you should gently squeeze it to remove any water before leaving it to air dry. Please note that shaggy rugs can absorb a lot of water and so this may take a while.


Hand Wash:

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, then you might want to try hand washing your rug. Fill your bath with cold water and some sensitive, bleach-free and non-scented laundry liquid. Fabric softener should not be used.

Place your shaggy rug in the solution, and gently move it around to wash. Leave your rug to soak for half an hour before rinsing out any remaining suds with cold water. Carefully squeeze away any excess water and leave to air dry.


Spills and Stains

The fibres of our shaggy rugs are naturally stain-resistant, making them more durable against the effects of any spills. However, stains can still be difficult to remove due to the length of the fibres.

Removing any excess liquid from the rug will prevent the stain from spreading when you begin to clean it. Use kitchen towel to gently dab the affected area.

Once you have removed any remaining liquid, we would recommend that you use a spot cleaning method. This is a fast and effective method of rug cleaning, and requires you to use the appropriate cleaner for each type of stain. Our guide on How to Care for Your Rug offers some helpful tips.


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