The Rug Colour Guide

A rug can provide that final touch to your home, tying together your room design and adding that extra something to make you really fall in love with your space. One issue that many people find, however, is that they’re spoilt for choice. With so many rug colours in what appears to be endless variations, how can you be sure that you’ve really made the right decision for your home

Rug Colours Inspired By the Seasons

The seasons can provide a great rug colour guide, offering a theme from which you can style your room’s décor. A dove grey, shaggy rug design can be perfect in winter, whereas some brighter, floral designs could really make your room pop in spring. Summer-themed colours can include everything from cobalt blues to tropical oranges. Designs based on this season can be bright, colourful and fun. Autumn is also a great source of inspiration, associated with warm and earthy colours that offer a homely feel. We’ve put together a great selection of autumn decorating ideas to get you started.  

Your Room Dynamics

Brightly-coloured rugs can provide a focal point for a larger room, whereas lighter shades can make a smaller space feel larger. If you choose to go for a pattern, we would recommend a paler, more subtle design. Unified colours also help to make a room appear larger than it actually is. The way the light falls could also influence your choice, and picking a rug based on this can really help to make the most of your space. Choosing a design with yellow tones can make the room appear bright and sunny, whereas a pale blue, purple or green could cool it down for a chilled effect.

The Purpose of the Room

Your rug colour should largely be influenced by the type of space you want to create, and how you want people to feel in it. Fashion a homely atmosphere in your bedrooms with natural coloured sheepskin rugs. Alternatively, keep yourself alert with bright, strong colours to contrast white furniture in your home office. You might want a more formal feel for your dining room, and this can be achieved with a rich, multi-coloured traditional rug. Persian designs in particular can add a sense of elegance to your home and are a great conversation starter.  

Your Existing Design

We’re not ones to judge, but picking a geometric, fluorescent coloured rug isn’t going to work well with a more traditional or formal room design. Your rug should enhance your space; whether this is through complementing your existing colours or by providing some contrast is up to you. As a general rule, coloured rugs work well with neutral walls and vice versa.  

Personal Preference

Although these factors are all very effective for choosing the right space, they can limit your options and potentially prevent you from finding your perfect rug. Sometimes, the best solution isn’t based on logic. We urge you to keep an open mind when you’re looking, as you might just find a rug that you’ll fall in love with!   Have a browse through our rugs today, or give one of our friendly rug traders a call for more information on any of our products.

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