Three Hard Wearing Rugs We Promise Won’t Get Ruined

When you buy a new rug, you know you want it to last. You haven’t spent all of that time umming and ahhing over the perfect rug just to have to repeat the process after a few years. All of our rugs have been made with durability in mind, but there are certainly some rugs that are more hard wearing than others. Knowing that your rug is able to withstand the demands that you need it to will allow you to use and enjoy it worry-free! This post will identify three hard wearing rugs we promise won’t get ruined.

Circumstances that Require Hard Wearing Rugs

Where you are wanting to place a rug plays a large role in determining how hard wearing you need it to be. Hallway rugs, for example, are going to need to endure a large amount of footfall and so need to be able to withstand it. Equally, rugs placed in kitchens need to be able to withstand spillages. Think carefully about how much your rug is going to be walked on and where you are wanting to place it!

Tribal Wool Rug



One of our beautiful hard wearing rugs comes in the form of a tribal design. Our tribal wool rug not only serves a purpose, but looks good whilst doing so. Wool has been used as a material in rug construction for centuries. New and synthetic fibres have since been invented and are durable rugs that are cost-effective, but wool remains to be the most hard wearing and long-lasting rug material. In fact, wool rugs can last up to 50 years! Now that’s what we call durability. Wool is also flame-resistant.

This tribal rug holds a natural resilience to household stains and wear and tear, so you can be sure that it will serve you well for many years. The pile of the rug is also relatively short and this makes it wonderfully durable and easy to clean (pssst, check out our rug pile guide if you’re not sure what this means). Additionally, the tribal design is one that is always on trend – just check out our post on timeless rugs that never go out of style.

Padstow Rug

Padstow rug

The durability of a rug is not only determined by the material it is made from, but also by the way it has been constructed. Our Padstow rug has been hand-loomed to possess a dense structure that is hard wearing. This density is far more hard wearing than a shaggy rug. Available in 9 different colours, there is plenty to choose from! Although made from a natural and durable wool, these rugs have been dyed to produce both vibrant and neutral colours. The durability and available dimensions of the Padstow makes it a wonderful hallway runner or living room rug.

The only thing to be mindful of is that wool can fade if in direct sunlight for long periods of time. If you’re looking to maintain a bright-coloured wool rug, keep it out of extremely sunny spots!

Kitchen Rugs


When it comes to selecting a rug for your kitchen, nothing is going to be more durable than a flatweave rug. The absence of a pile makes these very hard wearing rugs, and it also makes them very flat, which is perfect for avoiding trips whilst balancing plates and glasses. As well as being practical, our check flatweave rug can blend seamlessly into most spaces. Made from polypropylene yarn, this man-made fibre is treated to resist stains and the general spillage dangers of a kitchen! With five colours to choose from, you can decide whether to go for something bold or more neutral. For placement in a kitchen, a flat rug is much easier to wipe and clean than a shaggy rug.

No matter how durable your rug is or how careful you try to be, sometimes stains can’t be avoided. Don’t panic, though. We’ve put together some top tips on how to remove stains from rugs.