Three of our Favourite Pet Friendly Rugs

Pets and rugs are often seen as an incompatible combination, destined for a life of turmoil and despair – not to be dramatic. And yes, this can certainly be the case if you’re introducing your furry friend to a rug that isn’t pet friendly. However, this can be avoided by carefully selecting pet friendly area rugs that can meet the demands that your four-legged friend has to offer. Take a look at three of our favourite pet friendly rugs to help you achieve a match made in heaven.

What Are Pet Friendly Rugs?

Let’s first of all establish just what a pet friendly rug is. To be pet friendly, rugs need to be the following:

•    Hardwearing
•    Easy to clean
•    Non-Slip
•    Patterned

If your rug needs to endure your pet walking over it as well as yourself walking over it,  it needs to be hardwearing. This is particularly the case for bigger pets, such as dogs, which probably enjoy rolling and bounding all over it! The best rugs for dogs are those with a low-pile height. Shaggy rugs might be more comfortable in your pets eyes, but they are much harder to clean. In terms of rug material, wool is one of the most naturally hardwearing and durable materials, but this has to be balanced with the fact that they are harder to clean than synthetic materials.

No matter how hard you try, your pet is bound to bring in muddy paws at some point. It’s particularly hard to avoid wet paws gracing your lovely rug during winter, but the solution isn’t to try and train your pet into avoiding the rug altogether as, let’s face it, this is a difficult task. Instead, you need to invest in pet friendly rugs that can be cleaned quite easily. Some rug materials are better for this than others. For example, polypropylene yarn is extremely practical and easy to clean.

When your pet is having a mad moment, the last thing you want is for your rug to go flying and everything on it to go with it. Having a rug that won’t slip is essential. Some rugs are already up for the job, such as our Flatweave Kitchen Rugs. Don’t fear though, you can make your rug anti-slip by placing a special mat underneath your it. Our rug underlay not only protects your flooring, but keeps your rug fixed in place. No dog can move it!

When it comes to hiding the effects of your pet on a rug, it goes without saying that patterns work best and plain cream or white should be avoided at all costs. Those muddy pawprints will be unavoidable with lighter colours, whereas a patterned rug can effectively hide the evidence until you have chance to properly clean it up.

Our Three Favourite Pet Friendly Rugs

 1.    Anti-Slip Trellis Flatweave Rug


Our flatweave rugs are perfect for areas that need to endure a lot of wear and tear and potential spillages, such as a kitchen, which also makes them the perfect pet friendly rug. Our Trellis Flatweave Rug has a lovely stylish design and comes in various colour options so you can best match it to the style of your home. Due to the absence of a rug-pile, this rug is fool-proof when it comes to your house pets. Not only this, but it doesn’t require an anti-slip mat as it is already anti-slip itself.

2.    Blayden Distressed Persian Rug

How can a pet distress a rug that is already distressed? Our wonderful Blayden rug appears fashionably distressed, a style that is at the pinnacle of current rug trends. Constructed with polypropylene yarn, this rug is easy to clean and maintain, but what’s more is that the design and pattern is extremely pet friendly. Any wear and tear or muddy remnants will be hard to spot, particularly with the darker colour, and the rug pattern is unlikely to be affected or ruined by your pet.

3.    Harrogate Tribal Wool Rug

If you’re looking to invest in a natural material that is resistant to stains, our Harrogate Tribal Wool Rug is the answer. This trendy, tribal-inspired rug has the best of both worlds – a mixture of wool, which is extremely durable and hardwearing, and polypropylene yarn, which is easy to clean. The dark grey colour option also makes this a brilliant pet friendly rug!

With these factors in mind, you now know what to look for in pet friendly rugs! Browse the rest of our rug collection to find the one that suits you best.

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