Tips for Decorating with Persian Rugs

Colourful Persian rugs on wooden floor.

We are often asked ‘are Persian rugs in style?’ Of course, the answer is absolutely yes! Persian rugs are a timeless choice for your interior and as a hard-wearing, practical rug that’s easy to clean, who wouldn’t choose a Persian rug!

A Persian rug is the centrepiece of any room or hallway and their intricate patterns  are always a talking point. The attention to detail within the rug making process is outstanding and a Persian rug is an art piece to invest in for your floor.

In this post, we’ll share  our six best tips for decorating with Persian rugs, whether you want to add a taste of artwork to your floor or brighten up your home.  

Where do Persian rugs come from?

The rich history of the Persian Rug is fascinating, with origins of over 2,500 years ago. They originate to Iranian carpet makers where the beautiful ornate designs that we know and love were handmade in either silk, wool or cotton.

If you’re looking for more information about where Persian rugs come from,  explore our article sharing interesting facts about Persian rugs. Today, Persian rugs are made with modern fabrics like polypropylene yarn to make them stain and fade resistant, making them an even more valuable feature in your home. To learn more about how rugs are made, please check out our dedicated page.

What’s the difference between Persian rugs and oriental rugs?

As time has gone on, Persian rugs are often described as oriental. They are bold, detailed and beautiful pieces of art. A true Persian rug is designed and handwoven in Iran. Whereas an oriental rug is designed and made in countries who’ve taken inspiration from the Iranian Persian rug, such as Turkey or India. One thing we bet you didn’t know about Persian rugs is that they use natural dyes which makes them environmentally-friendly.

Bright red and vibrant Persian rug.

Decorating with Persian rugs:

1. Create the atmosphere you want

Persian rugs are known for their gorgeously rich, bold colours and intricate patterns. Yet, have you ever considered how your rug choice can create different atmospheres in each room depending on the choice of colour, pattern, length and detail?

When you think of a Persian rug, you most likely think of rugs in a bold red or purple, which is a brilliant choice for a room or hallway where you want to have a lot of energy. The combination of these vibrant colours will be a great inspiration for creative thinking or concentration. If you’re looking for a statement piece when decorating with Persian rugs, the bolder the better!

Did you know that Persian rugs also come in a lot of other colours? A blue Persian rug will help to create a calming environment; perfect for a bedroom, a peaceful lounge or even a hallway runner. Whereas if you’re looking to add a rug to an already decorated room, a monochrome Persian rug will be your best option to compliment your décor. Persian rugs come in different styles and designs; it’s completely up to you which style you choose, as long as it suits your home dynamic!

Close up or a blue and brown Persian rug.

2. Accessories

When picturing a Persian rug in your home, it’s usually the main star of the show. But, it’s important to make sure that the surrounding accessories suit the atmosphere and ambience that you want to create.

It’s common to decorate the surrounding room with natural, bright tones to try and recreate that exotic connotation associated with Persian rugs. Think light wood tones, house plants and wicker storage baskets. Having a room where the accessories match the intended theme you’ve envisaged will create a more open and harmonious environment. But don’t forget that Persian rugs come in so many different styles, colours and sizes that they’re also perfect to complement modern décor!

3. Look at your existing décor

When it comes to decorating with Persian rugs, it’s important to look at the space that you want to add the rug in. Take a moment to consider what style this room or hallway already is decorated in. This will help in deciding if you want a Persian rug that accompanies your existing colour theme or stands out as a statement piece.

A traditional Persian rug is a versatile and timeless piece, which is why it’s common for people to pass them down in their family. For instance, if you have a room that’s decorated in a lot of dark colours, a Persian rug can bring this room’s theme all together for a cosy feel. Whereas in the future, if you wanted to then move that rug to a different room that’s mostly decorated in neutrals or whites, then the Persian rug will be the centrepiece to make the room feel brighter, bolder and more colourful. Bold reds and purples on top of white tiles or a cream carpet sounds like a colour lover’s dream!

Dark red Persian rug in a bright white bathroom.

4. Reconsider your floorspace

When placing a Persian rug in a room, it’s more beneficial to purchase a rug that’s  larger than you would expect. Compared to when buying a modern rug for a contemporary living room, you would usually expect to have quite a lot of visible floor space around it to make room for your furniture.

With Persian rugs, you want to appreciate their beauty and detail by purchasing a rug that is larger than your ideal space so that it only goes underneath the front part of the furniture, like your sofas. Not only does this mean that you create a larger piece of floor artwork in your home, but it also protects your flooring more. The same goes for if you’re looking for a hallway runner, a Persian rug that covers your hallway space as much as possible is a fun and effective way to add colour into your home.

Large pale Persian rug under two sofas.

5. Utilise your outside space

Your outside space can be transformed into a beautiful calming paradise with the help of Persian rugs. Persian rugs are hard wearing, durable and are easy to clean, which means that they are a great addition to be placed outside. As a stain-resistant option that resists fading in the sun, a Persian rug would be a great addition to create the perfect peaceful outdoor area, such as the Gabbeh Large Persian Rug for example.

6. Research the seller

When researching for the perfect Persian rug for your home, you need to make sure that you find a reliable and genuine seller. Depending on the age of the Persian rug, some are a huge investment piece to be passed down to future generations. Therefore, you want to make sure that the seller that you buy from is trustworthy to make sure that you purchase the best quality Persian rug to suit your home, and at a comfortable price. For a supplier with the very best quality and a wide variety of exclusive, hand-picked rugs to suit every room in your home, look no further than Rug Traders.  

We hope you have found this article useful in your search for decorating with Persian rugs. Remember, ‘are Persian rugs in style?’. Yes! They are a timeless choice for your home. Why not look at Rug Traders beautiful collection of rugs or, for more interior hints and tips, have a browse our blog?

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