Tips on Shopping for Rugs Online

Shopping for rugs online can be a cost-effective, convenient way for shoppers to find their perfect home accessory. With a much wider range of designs than any store, and more competitive prices, it’s no wonder that more of us are turning to the internet for our interior shopping.

However, shopping online does pose a few more challenges than if you were to go into a store. You won’t have the advice of the shop assistants, and you will have to rely on the website’s assurance of their rugs’ quality and durability. After all, it’s much easier to hold someone accountable when you meet them face to face.

How to Buy a Rug Online

We recognise that a lot of people may feel apprehensive about shopping for their rugs online, which is why we have created some simple guidelines. These are designed to offer support on everything from measuring your space, to ordering and receiving your product.

Before You Browse…

Decide where you’d like the rug to go

When browsing the thousands of styles available online, it is important to have a clear picture of how the rug will fit into your home. Choose a location, and measure its size to make sure you get the right fit. Most rugs tend to be measured in centimetres.

Discuss what style of rug you’d like

Everyone has different tastes, and so coming to a decision before you begin looking for your rug online can be crucial to keeping the process stress-free and quick. Your decision should be based on the colours that already exist within the room, as well as how durable the fabric has to be. For example, a flatweave design will cope better with stains and spillages from kitchens, whereas a shaggy rug can add warmth and comfort to a bedroom or living area.

A rug can also look great in your dining room. When doing your measurements, we’d highly recommend that you account for the chairs for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Ideally, the rug should cover the flooring underneath the chair even when it’s pulled back for someone to sit in, as otherwise the flooring will be uneven.

When measuring for different rugs, you should also take doorways into account. Rugs that interfere with opening and shutting your door can soon become a hinderance, and so be aware of this.

Deciding on a budget is also a good idea at this stage. When you start to look for rugs online, it can be easy to exceed this if you see a style that you really love. Luckily, sites such as Rug Traders aim to bring high quality items at honest and competitive prices.

How to Choose a Quality Rug

For many people, the biggest fear about purchasing products over the internet is quality. Receiving a product that looks different to its pictures can involve a great deal of hassle, and returning a rug often isn’t easy due to its size.

Because of this, you should make sure that the site offers you a few different things before you purchase your rug:

  1. Multiple images- Relying on just one picture can be risky, as it often doesn’t account for different lighting, details and environments.
  2. Product descriptions- a detailed product description can help you to understand more about where the rug has come from, as well as offer assurance about the company. If there is no information, it can suggest that the company isn’t following its best practices, and this should be a red flag as a consumer.
  3. Essential information- information about the rug material, its sizes and delivery options should all be easily accessible. You should also be able to find details regarding returns and contact information.

When you travel to a physical rug store, you’re able to feel the products and be assured of the quality. However, this isn’t the case online. It can often be hard to determine the quality of the products, and this can make it difficult to commit to a purchase.

If you’re unsure, contacting the seller directly about the product can be a great way to learn more. Companies like Rug Traders that source their own ranges should be able to provide you with the information that you require.

Don’t be Afraid to Shop Around

The beauty of the internet is the vast amount of choice that it gives you. If you’re unhappy with the pricing or customer service that one site provides, then there may be a better alternative.

At Rug Traders, we source our own rugs. We are able to provide you with all the details that you require, as well as highly competitive prices. Browse online today and don’t hesitate to contact our expert team to learn more.

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