Top Cosy Winter Decorating Tips

If you have just moved into a new house, or if the colder weather is tempting you to redecorate, take a look at our tips below to see how you can make your home warm and cosy.

Add Some Layers

If you want your home to appear soft and inviting, play with textures and layers. If you have thin carpets, try something thicker, and if you have wooden flooring, experiment by adding a rug or two. Invest in large comfortable sofas that kind you can sink into when it’s cold and stormy outside. Then accessorise with throws, copious amounts of cushions, and thick curtains. The addition of a winter Rug can then help bring the room together perfectly and create a close, warm atmosphere.

Warm Colours

Think about the colours you see in autumn. Warm earthy tones such as red, orange, green and brown can give your home a warm and inviting appearance. If you don’t want to paint every wall, you could paint or wallpaper one wall, then create a matching colour scheme with accessories around the room.


Rather than using a single bright light in your room, try using a collection of subtle lights. By using more than one soft light, you can accent certain parts of your room, from features to seating areas, using lamps, candles and even fairy lights.

Faux Fireplace

If you have a working fireplace, this can provide lighting as well as heat. Alternatively, if you don’t have this feature in your home, you can try creating a faux fireplace. You can either build or buy a mantelpiece, then use candles or fairy lights to give the appearance of a fire.

Make It Your Own

Hang photos of the people and places you love, include things that you have made or have been made for you, and showcase items you have collected over the years. Your tastes and passions should echo throughout your home. We hope that these tips have inspired you to make your home extra cosy this winter!

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