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Traditional Rugs

We have a range of traditional rugs for sale, found by our rug traders in countries where their designs and fabrics have become part of the culture. Featuring oriental and Persian patterns, our collection will add sophistication and elegance to your home.

We offer small, medium and large traditional rugs. Our range includes a variety of vibrant colours that will add sophistication and elegance to your space.


Our Traditional Rugs brings together designs and materials from around the world. Traditionally designed rugs have and still do play a huge cultural part of peoples lives across old Persia and in modern countries such as Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Persian Design Traditional Rugs are known worldwide for their use of colour, striking patterns and high quality materials used to produce some of the finest rugs available. A large part of Persian culture is carpet/rug manufacturing, with designs often reflecting the life and times of that particular area. Typically, Persian rugs are bold and extravagant, though some models have been amended to suit western preferences and décor. Usually, Persian rugs will feature a main backdrop colour juxtaposed against a border and centrepiece design, such as flowers or medallions. The Tabriz rugs are a good example of this.

Traditional Wool Rugs

Oriental design traditional rugs typically use wool and feature a symbolic pattern. They are often handmade and can feature an array of Oriental designs. Depending on the area, different techniques are used with the wool to create different textured wool rugs. The designs have been updated to suit modern and western tastes for commercial purposes. The wool used is sourced from sheep or goats and generally thick in nature again to withstand heavy footfall that modern homes bring and to ensure shedding is kept to a minimum.

Polypropylene Rugs - As technology has improved, the use and acceptance of Polypropylene rugs has increased as it can now rival wool rugs in terms of texture and prestige. These rugs are typically machine made which allows for 100% accuracy in terms of artwork and finish across a full batch of rugs. With handmade rugs, unfortunately this cannot always be guaranteed. Polypropylene quality has increased over the years and now designs and artwork can rival that of wool rugs at a much cheaper price.

Shapes and Sizes of Traditional Style Rugs

We also stock a range of different sizes in our traditional rugs range. As hand and machine made traditional style rugs have become more available commercially, the sizes available have increased to suit more bespoke customers. Rugs can now be clipped to shade off 10 or 20cm from the width or height of a rug to fit exactly where a customer would like them and round and half moon shaped rugs are now available. These are usually found in bathrooms or modern open plan lounges and kitchens. These bespoke shapes still feature a centre piece artwork with a border of a similar colour and help offer the customer a huge choice of traditional rugs.