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Sheikh Black and Ivory Traditional Persian Wool Rug

The ornate black and ivory design of our Sheikh rug introduces effortless elegance to any room. Made with extremely skillful hands, this rug is of the highest quality and made using 100% wool.


120cm x 180cm


Why We Love This Rug: 

Shah Abbas design

Intricate pattern


High quality

Luxuriously soft 

The Story Behind This Rug 

Travelling through the holy city of Varanasi injects a feeling of holiness and vibrant culture into our expedition. The vivid colours and beautiful scenery see us through to Bhadohi, where we discover this beautifully ornate rug. Possessing a ‘Shah Abbas’ pattern, this design is representative of one of the most significant dynasties in Iran. Shah Abbas was a king responsible for much of the Persian rug industry, setting up royal rug factories that produced the finest of Persian rugs. This standard has been maintained and can be seen in our Sheikh rug.

Created using a method known as hand-tufting, this process has been refined over hundreds of years, taking immense skill that has been mastered over the generations. It’s unbelievable that such intricate and detailed elegance can be produced by hand. The luxurious wool pile has developed a natural resistance to stains and has great crush-resistant properties. 


We recommend using a rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping, and to protect any dark colours transferring onto a light-coloured floor.