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Our Vintage rugs have a traditional Persian medallion and corner design on a plain field. Although new, the rugs have a very fashionable distressed antique look which is the height of fashion.

The rugs have a low pile which makes them ideal for placing under furniture. The rug is machine made using 100 per cent heatset polypropylene yarn. Polypropylene yarns made for the manufacture of rugs have come a long way since they were perceived as a budget fibre. Today polypropylene is a state of the art fibre with its own unique qualities making it ideal for home use.

The use of polypropylene yarn ensures that the rugs are able to stand up to the rigors of everyday life whilst retaining a soft and luxurious feel.

Polypropylene has an inbuilt resistance to normal household stain hazards.

We recommend that you use rug underlay (anti slip) to prevent the rug from slipping and to stop the potential transfer of dark colours onto a light coloured floor.