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Vintage Traditional Distressed Persian Rug

A range of durable rugs combining modern trends with traditional designs. A unique and luxurious rug that will make a stylish statement to any living space.




Why We Love This Rug: 

Contemporary colour tones


Distressed look

Soft underfoot 

Low pile easy placement under furniture 

The Story Behind This Rug

At the heart of the Leie valley sits the Belgian city of Waregem. With traditional Belgian buildings lining the waterfront and scenes of the valley framing the city, it is clear why this area is the centre of textile inspiration in Belgium. Known for cutting-edge designs that keep rug-weavers at the forefront of textile trends, this rug is a new take on a traditional design. Creating a fashionably distressed look to a traditional Persian medallion composition, this stylish rug is unique and luxurious.

Made using contemporary polypropylene yarn, this beautiful design is durable and soft. The low pile makes this rug perfect for placing under furniture and withstanding the rigors of everyday life. The modern colour tones add a further dimension to this contemporary range of rugs. The combination of traditional and modern, softness and practicality, makes this range of rugs truly spectacular. 


We recommend using a rug underlay to prevent the rug from slipping, and to protect any dark colours transferring onto a light-coloured floor.