Using Monochromatic Interior Design

monochrome interior design scheme

In recent years, we’ve been led to believe that decorating with an array of colours is the only way forward. And while we love colours, we know that trends are constantly changing. That’s why we love a classic monochromatic interior design colour scheme. In this article, we look at how monochromatic interior design can completely transform your entire home from one room to the next.

What is a Monochromatic Colour Scheme in Interior Design?

A monochromatic colour scheme is a colour scheme based on a single colour. However, your chosen base colour can then be extended by using the colour wheel. You can use the colour wheel to discover new shades, tones and tints of the same colour. And as a result of altering the base colour’s saturation and tone, you can create a lighter or darker monochromatic interior design scheme. 

Why Go for Monochrome in Your Interior Design?

One of the most common fears when creating an interior colour scheme is deciding which hues go together. As monochromatic colour schemes only use one colour, you don’t have to can spend your time worrying about matching different colours and contrasts, you can get as experimental as you like. By streamlining your design and limiting your colour pallet in this way, you open yourself up to a new and efficient way of using colours in your interior design.

Monochromatic interior design is a fail-proof system that takes away all the colour confusion. As long as you work within the monochromatic parameter, you’ll have a beautiful, interesting and cohesive interior colour scheme.

Monochromatic colour scheme interior design in the main living room.

Where to Start Your Monochromatic Interior Design Scheme

Here are four easy steps to creating a simple yet interesting monochrome colour scheme:

  1. Choose a base colour

The very first step in creating a monochromatic design is picking a base colour. The majority of interior experts recommend choosing either a primary, secondary or tertiary colour as your base. To keep the colour pallet interesting, you can work with three colours from the same family to create a balanced look.

  • Start with the foundations  

To keep things simple; you should always start by decorating from the ground up. Choose your foundations first; your flooring and rug set the tone for the rest of the space. We recommend using the shades in your rug or flooring as inspiration for the rest of your space. 

Monochromatic colour scheme interior design in a black and white bedroom.
  • Create a theme

Once you’ve established all the colours that will be incorporated on the ground, you can start establishing other aspects. Depending on your chosen colour and room, monochromatic décor can exhibit a distinctive personality, create a tranquil atmosphere or provide a cosy, cocoon-like feel. Use white to create a calm, light and airy space and black to anchor it and create drama.

  • Add texture

With your whole room subscribing to a neutral monochrome pallet, your room might fall flat; this can happen even to the best of colour pallets. That’s why adding texture is so important, to provide interest, variation and visual comfort. For example, if you have all white walls in your living room, you can add interest through off-white panelling and a pale shaggy rug paired with golden tones for fixtures and fittings.

Using a monochromatic colour scheme interior design in the living room.

The Best Monochromatic Colour Scheme to Use in Each Room

Monochromatic interior design has the potential to create calmness and a unified mood within a room. Monochrome colour schemes might be known for being easier to follow, however, it’s still important to follow some basic design rules. If a monochrome colour scheme is poorly executed, it might appear sterile and boring. Interior designers suggest incorporating lighter and darker shades of the same colour to open up the space and break up the scheme, giving your eyes areas to rest. Here, we’ve put together some monochromatic colour schemes for you to use in different rooms: 

–     Black and white living room

Arguably the most popular monochromatic colour scheme is the simplest of them all – the classic black and white colour scheme. However, creating a black and white monochromatic living room doesn’t restrict you to only using the harshest of blacks and stark whites. Instead, you can focus on using predominately white with limited amounts of grey to add interest. This combination will create a clean and fresh living room. Here’s a simple step by step guide on starting a black and white living room:

  1. Start by establishing your flooring. Begin by choosing a back, white or grey rug as the building blocks for your interior scheme.
  2. Once your rug colour is established, you can work your way up from here with other aspects such as furniture and accessories. 

If you need any monochrome rug inspiration, check out this blog post to see our black and white tribal rug in action.  

Black and white monochromatic colour scheme interior design.

–     White and cream bedroom 

The master bedroom should have a colour scheme that creates a softer and serene space. A neutral colour palette can provide a calm, restful and inviting space to sleep. Worried it might look bland? You can inject colour into a neutral room through accessories. Or you can experiment with darker and lighter versions of cream and beige to create depth and add visual interest.

–     All Grey Bathroom

Grey is the colour of the moment, especially in new and renovated homes. Opting for an all-grey monochromatic bathroom gives it a clean and contemporary edge. Grey is a very practical shade, but that’s not to say it has to be boring. You can re-create the sought-after boutique hotel style with sophisticated black or moody grey large floor-to-ceiling tiles. To maximise the monochromatic space, you can also experiment with light shades, switches and accessories to incorporate another variation of grey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about monochrome colour schemes. And hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to experiment with monochromatic colour schemes in your own rooms. For more design ideas and rug tips, like the ultimate rug colour guide and how to decorate with a persian rug, please head to our blog. While you’re here, why not browse our collection of modern and traditional rugs?

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