Using Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips to Freshen Up Your Rug


Mrs Hinch is a cleaning guru and a social media sensation who has built a large and loyal fanbase by sharing her ingenious cleaning tips and her bubbly personality. We’ve scoured Mrs Hinch’s Instagram to find her best carpet cleaning hacks, so read on to find out how to freshen up your rug using Mrs Hinch’s floor cleaning tips.

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Mrs Hinch is arguably the biggest ‘cleanstagramer’ on Instagram, and is self-proclaimed as ‘cleaning mad’. Her Instagram journey began in 2018, and she has since amassed over 3 million Instagram followers who are eager to keep up-to-date with the latest Hinch cleaning tips. Not only does she share her best cleaning hacks, but she also shows her immaculate home interiors and cleaning supplies hauls to her millions of loyal fans.

Mrs Hinch has named her millions of supportive followers the Hinch Army, and they even have their own lingo – for her and her dedicated followers, cleaning is known as ‘Hinching’, and recent cleaning supply buys are shared as ‘Hinch hauls’.

The popularity of Mrs Hinch has also stretched beyond social media; she has penned her own best-selling book, shared her cleaning tips on popular television programs like This Morning, and partnered with big brands like Proctor & Gamble.

Mrs Hinch Floor Cleaning Tips:

1. Use a Squeegee

One of Mrs Hinch’s floor cleaning tips is to use a squeegee. Although this seems unconventional considering a squeegee’s intended purpose is to remove watermarks from glass surfaces, Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tip is to use one to freshen up your rug.

Sometimes a simple vacuum over your rug is not enough as this can push down tiny hairs and dust into the rug; this dirt then becomes very difficult to see. To combat this, Mrs Hinch recommends that every now and then you scrape over your rug with a squeegee. This will lift up embedded dirt and dust that has been matted down by your vacuum cleaner.

Not only is this an effective method for getting dirt out of corners, but it is also great for keeping rugs fur-free if you have pets at home. Mrs Hinch demonstrated that this cleaning tip works on thick and shaggy rugs too. We have put together some of our favourite shaggy rug cleaning methods in our own guide to help you keep your fluffy rug looking its best.

Using a squeegee is a fantastic Mrs Hinch cleaning tip because it is economical – simple squeegees are super affordable, are very easily accessible both online and in stores, and you now know how multi-functional they are! Moreover, this hack is easy, effective and quick. With spring just around the corner, you may also want to read some of our handy spring cleaning hacks, with a guide on how to spring clean your house in a day featured too!


2. Use a Fabric Conditioner Mix

Another one of Mrs Hinch’s top tips that will keep your rugs looking fresh is a great one that she shared from a Hinch Army member and tested herself. Handily all you need is everyday household cleaning supplies that you very likely already have in your home! These are fabric conditioner, washing gel, warm water and a clean light-coloured cloth:

  1. Measure out one capful of fabric conditioner into a bucket.
  2. Add washing gel and mix together.
  3. Add warm water and mix together.
  4. Wipe onto your rug with a clean light-coloured cloth.

Make sure to lightly wring the mixture out of the cloth before wiping on your rug, and it is a good idea to work in small sections, regularly soaking your cloth in the mixture. This should remove dirt from your carpet, and leave it smelling beautifully clean and looking super fresh.

For more great rug cleaning tips and tricks, read our ultimate rug cleaning guide to help you with every day maintenance to make your rug last much longer, improve its appearance and prevent the build-up of dust. Browse our stunning collection of rugs and discover a stylish staple for your home and now you know how to care for it properly, you can enjoy it for years to come.

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