What Types of Rugs are Suitable for Kitchens?

What Types of Rugs are Suitable for Kitchens?

We often get asked: ‘which rugs are suitable for kitchens?’ or ‘what qualities should I be looking for in a kitchen rug?’ Fortunately, this is something we can provide answers for! When it comes to picking the right rug, you’ve got no better point of reference than our blog. So, in this post, we’ll be putting forward our suggestions for the best kitchen rugs. We’ll also cover the key things you should look for in a kitchen rug – such as size, material, colours and weave. You’ll be sprucing up that kitchen in no time!  

Stylish, Colourful Kitchen Rugs

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Kitchens are so important: they’re often where people gather, where family meals are prepared, and where everyone eats together. Because of this, it’s important that those memories are augmented with a beautiful surrounding. Often, kitchens are decorated with block colours and can sometimes be in danger of looking a bit clinical. A well-worked rug can help to change this, and brighten up your kitchen without much effort at all! If your kitchen is quite neutrally-coloured, a solid colour rug in front of your sink or beneath your kitchen table would make a great addition. If you’ve got a long kitchen, a colourful runner can work wonders.  

Kitchen Rug Safety

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One thing kitchens have that’s often different to other rooms in the house is the flooring. Many people have tiled or laminate flooring in their kitchen as opposed to carpets in other rooms. This means that standard rugs can be in danger of slipping and causing more problems than they are worth. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Specially-made anti-slip rugs are an excellent choice for kitchens because of the increased likelihood of slippery flooring. You can also get your hands on anti-slip mats that act as rug underlays. Place one underneath the rug and it prevents the rug from slipping on all types of flooring, including wood, vinyl, tiled and laminate.  

The Right Material for Kitchen Rugs

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Finding rugs suitable for kitchens is also partly down to the material. Not only does it need to be comfortable to walk on in your bare feet (who wants to be wearing slippers in the summer?!) but it also has to be easy to clean and maintain. Nylon is a synthetic material that is often used in rugs. It’s tough and durable and is great at withstanding a lot of footfall. Nylon rugs are ideal for a busy kitchen. Polyester is a good choice if it’s comfort that you’re after. It’s the closest material to wool in appearance and general feeling, but it can be difficult to remove stains from it – much like stains on your t-shirts. We’re big fans of polypropylene at Rug Traders, and most of our designated kitchen rugs are made from it. It’s a man-made fibre, but it is incredibly strong. It resists all the wear and tear that you’d associate with kitchen comings-and-goings, and it is also stain-resistant. It can even be cleaned with a part-bleach solution without worry of the colour fading!   So when it comes to kitchen rugs, make sure that you’ve got your priorities in order! Comfort, style and the ideal material combine to give your kitchen the rug upgrade it deserves.