Where Can You Get the Best Quality Cheap Rugs Online?


Finding cheap rugs which don’t compromise on quality can often feel like a real challenge, especially when shopping online meaning you cannot see or touch the product and therefore can’t be sure of the quality. However, spending hundreds of pounds on a rug in the hope it is of a better quality doesn’t seem like the right solution. Finding cheap, quality rugs online seems about as easy as finding gold dust, but it really doesn’t need to be if you have the right information in one easy to find place.

Rug Traders pride ourselves on the quality and fair pricing of our rugs and are very aware of other companies that charge high prices for low quality rugs. In this post we will be discussing some key pieces from our very own extensive rug collection, comparing them to other retailers in the market, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are benefitting from great quality rugs for a fraction of the price.

Why are Rug Traders Prices so Low?

Well, we take pride in the origins of our rugs, with each rug having a story and journey of its own. By going the extra mile for our customers (literally), we are able to buy our collection of rugs and then sell them at an extremely low price thereby cutting out the middle man and passing these savings straight on to our customers.

We travel far and wide, all over the world in fact to find our rugs, buying directly from the makers of the rugs themselves. Furthermore, we always purchase the pieces in our collection in bulk, to ensure we have plenty in stock and get the best price. As a result, our delivery time is normally much quicker than most, as we don’t have to place an order through a separate wholesaler every time an order on our own website is placed.  

Generally, other rug retailers tend to buy their rug collections from wholesalers and other secondary sources; the added cost that occurs from this process increases the price tag for the customers. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see why our competitors ask us to source their rugs for them, as our low prices are so renowned in the industry!

Rug Materials Comparison

In terms of quality, we like our rugs to speak for themselves. However online that isn’t always possible, so we make sure to let you know when browsing our collection with detailed descriptions and background stories for each rug. For example, our Arabesque style rugs are handmade from 100% wool pile (not to mention their timeless design and soft underfoot). Unfortunately, similar Arabesque styles from other online traders seem to use mixed material such as viscose and wool. As viscose is a synthetic material, this affects the overall look and feel of the rug and its quality.


Similarly, our increasingly popular Persian rugs, are handmade, so you can be assured they are hard-wearing and durable. Whereas with other online retailers, handmade rugs are not as readily available, meaning rugs are much more likely to wear in a shorter space of time.


Interestingly, the price of other retailers despite the difference in quality seems to be more expensive than that of Rug Traders, where you can save on average 30% off on the majority of rugs in our collection. The table below shows a price and rug size comparison for ourselves against another large online rug retailer, across three different styles of rug; Arabesque, Apollo and luxury Persian rugs. I’m sure you will agree, the difference in price and saving percentage with Rug Traders, is staggering.


To browse our stunning collection of high quality and low priced rugs, please head over to our online store. Look out for our labels on the rugs to see which ones are best value online, cheapest in the country and to see specific percentages on how much you are saving compared to the RRP.

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